Monthly Archives: August 2015

Over and out

Critical Waves came to an end with two broadcasts on Resonance 104.4FM during June 2015.

To learn more about what Critical Waves was please see our About page.

To be entertained and informed by the cutting-edge arts and humanities research have a look at our Programme Archive, and enjoy the selection of short radio features developed by participating researchers.

The Critical Waves team would like to thank everyone involved in the project, including Birkbeck College, the ICA, Resonance 104.4FM and the Art and Humanities Research Council.

Most of all we’d especially like to thank the Critical Waves participants. Their energy and enthusiasm helped to generate interesting discussions about the potential role of radio in academic research, and their outstanding talent and willingness to share their research resulted in the great selection of fun and fascinating short radio programmes that you can find in our Programme Archive.


Elizabeth Johnson

PhD candidate at Birkbeck College, and co-founder of Critical Waves