Listen to speakers’ presentations from Critical Waves at Birkbeck College

Here are recordings of all the presentations from Critical Waves at Birkbeck College in April 2015. Enjoy…

Listen to:

Radio futurologist James Cridland give a snapshot of radio usage today, revealing the medium’s resilience over the past century in the face of an ever-evolving media-scape.

Tim Markham, Reader in Journalism and Media at Birkbeck College, explore how thinkers like Heidegger have recognised radio as a medium that is intimate and imaginative; and as a means of creating distinct imaginative spaces, that can transcend physical place.

Emily Candela, researcher and producer of Atomic Radio, on what makes a good radio programme.

Musician and freelance producer for Resonance FM, Michael Garrad, offer an entertaining workshop that focussed on how to make audio recordings using basic equipment and free online software. (This presentation is included here more as a supplement to notes taken by participants who attended on the day, as Michael’s presentation involved a lot of visuals that are not represented here.)

Dr Juliette Kristensen, academic and producer of Paperweight Radio, share her reflections on the importance of radio as an aural and conversational form in an academic environment dominated by written work.

Tess Woodcraft on the work of Pod Academy, who promote new research through free online podcasts.

Listen to all this, and more, on our SoundCloud at


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