Listen to speakers’ presentations from Critical Waves at the ICA

Here are recordings of all the presentations from Critical Waves at the ICA in March 2015. Enjoy…

As part of our panel on ‘Radio Play: Voice as Material’, hear:

sound and radio artist, Magz Hall offers a glimpse into the politics of the voice by reflecting on the voices are often excluded from the airwaves, before showcasing a range of DIY and creative approaches towards radio, which move away from what Magz refers to as “good voice syndrome”.

artist and composer Iris Garrelfs, share an insight into her practice, explaining Iris’ process of producing micro-collages from tiny slithers of audio recordings.

artist and curator, Sam Belinfante explore the voice as a form of contact – something transmitted and received, connected and disconnected – which plays with ideas of interiority and exteriority.


As part of our panel on ‘Disembodied Voices: Speaking and Authorship’,  listen to:

artist and activist, Marc Herbst discuss the bodies that are disembodied by the state and explore the power relationships enacted by the state through its voice.

artist, Aura Satz talk describe some of the ways in which her practice has used audio to displace authorship, allowing for a more mobile idea of where a voice might come from.

sound artist and radio producer, Lance Dann tease out some of the differences between analogue and digital listening, discussing the communal and serendipitous ways that we might tune into the wireless, as well as the podcast’s intimate and direct address.

Listen to all this, and more, on our SoundCloud at


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