Critical Waves at the ICA, Thursday 26 March, 10.45 – 16.00

We’re looking forward to welcoming participants in Critical Waves to the ICA next week. In the meantime, here is a timetable of the day’s events…

Cinema 2, Institute of Contemporary Arts, The Mall, London SW1Y 5AH

This one-day conference will hear leading artists, academics and curators consider a variety of different approaches to working with and thinking about the voice and radio.

10.45am – 11am         Registration

 11am – 1pm                Session 1, Radio Play: Voice as Material’

This session is aimed at showcasing how the voice can be used as a creative material. Voices can be edited, manipulated, cut up, overlaid or juxtaposed. What they express is inflected by pauses, stutters, pitch and volume. How do different methods of working with voices enhance or disrupt the content that they communicate? How can technology shape voices and affect their messages? Presentations from: Sam Belinfante, artist and curator; Iris Garrelfs, artist; Magz Hall, artist and senior lecturer at Canterbury Christ Church University. Followed by a panel discussion and questions from the floor.

1 – 2pm                       Lunch              A light lunch will be provided for participants

2 – 4pm                       Session 2, ‘Disembodied Voices: Speaking and Authorship’

This session considers authorship in relation to the disembodied voices that we encounter through radio. What are the ethics of speaking with someone else’s voice or representing the voices of others, which are encountered when using ‘found’ audio material and interviews? How are meaning and authority affected by fictional as opposed to documentary voices? What does it mean to have a voice without a body? And does a sense of invisibility alter what we’re prepared to say? Presentations from: Lance Dann, Commissioning Editor for Resonance FM; Marc Herbst, artist and co-editor of the Journal of Aesthetics & Protest; Aura Satz, artist. Followed by a panel discussion and questions from the floor.

See you there!


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