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Call for Participants

Are you a postgraduate research student or early career researcher interested in exploring the experimental potential of radio in academic research?

Critical Waves aims to inspire creative approaches to academic research through an innovative series of talks and events, in person and on air, delivered by Birkbeck College in partnership with the ICA and Resonance 104.FM.

The internet and streaming technology have propelled us into a new era of radio. Recording devices on laptops and phones, free online audio-editing software, podcasts and internet-radio mean that producing and broadcasting radio content has never been easier. Drawing upon radio’s legacy as a forum for radical thought and experimentation, Critical Waves explores the potential of radio in academic research today.

There are 35 places available for current post-graduate research students and early career researchers to attend two days of talks and workshops taking place at the ICA and Birkbeck College in March and April 2015, which will offer inspiration and advice on radio production. Both events are free to attend and a light lunch will be provided.

In response to the events participants will be expected to independently produce their own short radio programmes based on elements of their research. The programmes will be archived here on the Critical Waves blog and a selection will be showcased on air on Resonance 104.4FM.

Critical Waves at the ICA, Thursday 26th March 2015 11am – 4pm

This conference aims to inspire researchers to consider strategies for presenting their research that are more innovative than simply reading conference papers aloud. Artists and academics will discuss how they use the voice as a creative material in their work, touching on how the voice can enhance or disrupt content, the politics of the voice and authorship, and what it might mean to speak with someone else’s voice.

Speakers include artists Sam Belinfante, Iris Garrelfs, Magz Hall, Marc Herbst and Aura Satz, amongst others.

Critical Waves at Birkbeck College, Monday 20th April 2015 10am – 4pm

Following the more theoretical day of presentations at the ICA, this day of workshops and discussions considers radio’s importance today and offers practical advice on how to translate research into exciting radio content. Speakers will describe their experiences of transforming academic research into radio shows, and workshops and technical advice will help get participants ready to independently produce their own short programmes.

Speakers include: Tim Markham, Head of Media and Cultural Studies, Birkbeck College;  Juliette Kristensen, academic and producer of Paperweight Radio; Emily Candela design historian and producer of Atomic Radio; amongst others.

Critical Waves on Resonance 104.4FM, May- June 2015 (date tbc)

In response to the events at Birkbeck and the ICA participants will be encouraged to independently produce their own ten-minute radio programmes based on elements of their research. All the programmes will be made available online, and a curated selection will be showcased on Resonance 104.4FM during two live radio conversations led by conference participants.

 Join us!                                                                                                                             

By attending Critical Waves applicants will have the opportunity to consider how radio can benefit their research, and how they can communicate their work engagingly to non-specialist audiences. They will be supported through the process of developing an idea for a radio programme out of their own research and introduced to the basic skills that they will need to produce it. All participants will be strongly encouraged to independently produce a short radio programme; those who do so will be given the opportunity to showcase their research on Resonance 104.4FM, as well as having a new resource to promote their research.

To apply please submit a 100-word statement explaining why you are interested in attending Critical Waves, detailing your institution (if any, for early career researchers) and if you are in receipt of an AHRC-funded studentship.

A limited number of places will be prioritised for students funded by AHRC studentships.

Send applications to

Deadline for applications is Monday 2nd March 2015

N.B. Successful applicants are expected to commit to attending the events at both the ICA and Birkbeck, and to independently producing a 10-minute podcast on an element of their research.